The High Fire Lowdown, an MMclay newsletter

The Beauty of Variation in Handmade Ceramics
Mar 25, 2024
It’s the variations in the glaze that lends each piece its own distinct personality. We happen to think that’s what makes the work so interesting! Though one might not look exactly like the one next to it, many customers declare that this is what they love most about MMclay. 

The Value of Handmade
May 23, 2023
An everyday object made with human hands can bring a moment of connection and importance. Handmade ceramics can’t help but slow us down as we admire and appreciate the power and the details of its unique handmade beauty.

A handmade gift is always a good idea
Jan 16, 2023
Handmade pottery offers connection. Whether making it yourself or purchasing handmade pottery, it holds the connection of the hands that make it, to the hands that purchase it and then to the hands that use it.

The first newsletter!
Oct 26, 2022
Welcome to The High Fire Lowdown, the MMclay newsletter! Here you'll find understanding and insight into why we feel handmade pottery is so important, education about some of our studio processes, and updates on upcoming events and special offerings.