Shade Pendant with Pebble Texture


Open, bright, and welcoming, the Shade form is a classic bowl-shaped light featuring shallow walls and a flat bottom that provides a gentle, suffused lighting experience. The Shade form is slab-built, giving it thicker walls and a more organic, eclectic edge.
The texture is a riff on one of MMclay's signature pieces, the Rocky Bottom Bowl. On our lighting fixtures, the texture has been scaled down to what we affectionately call 'Pebble'. Each divot is hand-carved, creating an effect that is organic and full of movement.
Interior glaze Turner White: Glossy translucent pure white / elegant and timeless
Exterior glaze Buttermilk: matte white with rust orange blushing / emphasizes form / reminiscent of seashells and desert scapes.
  • Small measures approximately 10" x 5"
  • Medium measures approximately 13" x 5"
  • Large measure approximately 16" x 5"