MMclay is a small ceramics company specializing in made-to-order pottery, intended to be used and enjoyed fully, as a daily part of one’s ritual and to compliment, and enhance, any meal. All of our work is designed and developed by owner/designer MaryMar Keenan, whose love affair with pottery has lasted for over two decades and only continues to deepen and diversify. 

By design, our heirloom quality pieces are elegant yet utilitarian, rustic yet refined, each meticulously crafted in our San Francisco based studio, by a talented and dedicated team of ceramicists, craftspeople, and pottery lovers. MMclay currently produces 5 unique, handmade, tableware lines for both restaurants and homes. Making pottery for people to appreciate throughout their day and cumulatively over time, evokes a quiet exchange between the maker and the user. It is this conversation that excites us.

Pottery is not only about form and function, but also energetics and emotion. The right piece can easily change the very experience we have of a moment, be that a meal, a glass of evening wine, a morning coffee or a warm bowl of soup, by elevating an otherwise potentially routine experience into something more significant. Great ceramics quite literally bring art to the table for our collective comfort and utter enjoyment, whether we mean for them to or not. 

We invite you to visit our production studio and /or our brick and mortar Airstream retail shop, both located in vibrant Hayes Valley. Thank you for taking an interest in MMclay and for sharing an appreciation for quality, handmade, ceramics and their value within your homes, lives and personal stories.