MaryMar Keenan- Owner/ Designer

Friends of MMclay,

My name is MaryMar Keenan and I am the owner and designer of MMclay. I have been in love with clay for over 2 decades and with the wonderful help of my amazing team, we currently offer several unique handmade tableware lines for you to enjoy. Thank you for taking an interest in what I do and what MMclay creates. Thanks for appreciating the importance of handmade pottery and for wanting it in your everyday life as these pieces are all made to be used and enjoyed. They are meant to become staples at your meals warmly embracing and complimenting everything that you put on or in them. Thank you for nourishing your body with good food and appreciating and acknowledging the importance of what it is enjoyed on.
My work is designed to be elegant yet utilitarian, bold yet subtle, rustic but refined. There is something in here for everyone. Enjoy!






Clay Wrangler: glaze mixer, slab roller, clay wedger, kiln loader, studio sparkler, pot perfectionist, wheel thrower, handle handler, glazey glazer