Progress Ramekin


I bet you didn’t even know how much you needed these little sweeties. From condiments, to dipping sauces, to olive pits, or Tweetie’s bird food. You’ll never stop running out of ways to use these. Pair them with one of your dinner plates for a perfect cheese and olive tray for your next potluck. Just don’t forget to bring them home with you!

  • 4” Diameter, 1.25” High
  • 3 oz. capacity
  • microwave / dishwasher safe
  • hand sanded to ensure smooth bottoms and edges

Available in the following glaze combinations (inside/outside):

  • Moonshadow / White Chamois
  • Eelskin / White Chamois
  • Brown Leather Matte / Moonshadow
  • White Chamois / Moonshadow
  • Moss Green / Brown Leather Matte
  • (no longer available in Deerskin)

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