Bell Pendant with Circular Texture


With its narrow body and deep walls, the Bell shape is a striking accent that provides a subtle spotlight effect to any room. The Bell form is wheel-thrown, resulting in thinner walls and a rounder lip.
Our circular texture is an MMclay staple prominently featured on all of our Sierra Line pieces. For our lighting line, this texture if offered in either a Dark Brown or White stoneware.
Glaze option Moonshadow is on a dark clay body and features
Interior glaze White Chamois: Glossy translucent dappled white / river rocks and cool tones
Exterior glaze Moonshadow: Matte dark bluish, gunmetal hues contrasted with light grey "shadows"/ gorgeous variations / moody and serene
Glaze option Buttermilk is on a white clay body and features
Interior glaze Turner White: Glossy translucent pure white / elegant and timeless
Exterior glaze White Chamois: Matte white with rust orange blushing / emphasizes form / reminiscent of seashells and desert scapes
  • Medium measures approximately 5.5" x 6.5"
  • Large measure approximately 6.75" x 8"