Pieces are made to order with an estimated lead time of 10-12 weeks. Pieces are made to order with an estimated lead time of 10-12 weeks.

Care & Handling

For Restaurants:

Please make sure your staff is aware of the fact that the pieces are handmade and that a great deal of work goes into finishing them. Though they are extremely durable, they are not as durable as manufactured restaurant ware and that should be taken into consideration when clearing, serving, stacking, and washing. Please be mindful.

“Mary Mar's ceramics hold up very well. We are open 7 nights a week, and are definitely considered a high volume restaurant serving anywhere from 100-275 people every night… We do get the occasional chipped or cracked ceramic piece, but please again keep in mind that these ceramics are getting a lot of use and are being stacked and washed in large amounts several times a night. The fact that we only get a few casualties every now and then for how much business we do is impressive.”

-General Manager, The Progress Restaurant, San Francisco

For Home Use:

  • All pottery is microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Clean with dish soap and a soft scrub brush
  • Pottery will break if transferred directly from freezer to hot oven so allow for gradual changes in temperature
  • We recommend caution with oven use. Place the ceramic piece in a cool oven and bring up to temperature with the oven, no higher than 400°F. Never place a ceramic directly into a hot, pre-heated oven to avoid risk of temperature shocking.