Sierra Soup Bowl


Soup, pudding, cereal or even leftover pasta from last weekend...whatever you put in these babies will taste better just because it will look so good. The fanned out edges of this bowl will call out "Enjoy!" so loud that even the taste buds in the back of your throat will hear. Those leftovers might not taste fresh, but at least the presentation will be good. Bon Appetite!
  • 8” Diameter, 2” Height
  • 20 oz. capacity
  • microwave / dishwasher safe
  • hand sanded to ensure smooth bottoms and edges
  • circular pattern on back brushed with matte white glaze accented with rust blushing

Available in the following glaze combinations:

  • Moonshadow
  • White Chamois
  • Brown Leather Matte
  • Eelskin
  • Moss Green
  • Thai Blue

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