Sierra Dinner Plate


Wow your dinner guests with these gorgeous plates that compliment everything you make. The variation of each glaze coupled with the warm rust toned rim and textured back of the Sierra Collection make for a delightful surprise and give each piece its unique character.

  • 11.5” diameter, 1” height
  • Can be used as a dinner plate or small serving platter
  • Dishwasher / microwave safe
  • Hand sanded to ensure smooth bottoms and edges

    Available in the following glazes:

    • Moonshadow
    • White Chamois
    • Brown Leather Matte
    • Eelskin
    • Moss Green
    • Goldbug
    • Thai Blue
    • Deerskin

    (for more info click the Glaze Chart tab (to your right) or for a deeper dive see our GLAZE MAP page)