Sierra Cafe Plate


How did you live without these before now? We're actually not sure. In fact, you'll love these so much you'll wrap them in a cloth napkin for your next park picnic. Just hope you're ready to make new friends because your classic handmade style will draw them all in with wonderful curiosity and appreciation. Keep it up.
  • 6.75” Diameter, 0.75” Height
  • footed base for easy pick up and stacking
  • microwave / dishwasher safe
  • hand sanded to ensure smooth bottoms and edges
  • circular pattern on back brushed with matte white glaze accented with rust blushing

Available in the following glazes:

  • Moonshadow
  • White Chamois
  • Brown Leather Matte
  • Eelskin
  • Moss Green
  • Goldbug
  • Thai Blue
  • Deerskin

For more info click the Glaze Chart tab (to your right) or for a deeper dive see our GLAZE MAP page)