Progress 'Stu' Bowl


Named appropriately after one of our favorite San Francisco chefs, the 'Stu' bowl delivers a perfect vessel for your grandmother’s beef stew or small serving dish for that Sag Paneer you’ve been working so hard to perfect. The short steep sides are there to make sure that nothing gets left in the bowl (or on to the place mat) and that it all gets into your mouth.

  • 8.5” Diameter, 2” Height
  • 28 oz. capacity
  • stack beautifully
  • microwave / dishwasher safe
  • hand sanded to ensure smooth bottoms and edges

Available in the following glaze combinations (front / back):

  • Moonshadow / White Chamois
  • Eelskin / White Chamois
  • Brown Leather Matte / Moonshadow
  • White Chamois / Moonshadow
  • Moss Green / Brown Leather Matte
  • (no longer available in Deerskin)
(for more info click the Glaze Chart tab (to your right) or for a deeper dive see our GLAZE MAP page)