Progress Dessert Bowl


With characteristics similar to the cafe plate, these little gems are great when there is a dish that needs a little lift so that you can get every last bit onto your spoon. Saucy desserts or maybe just a snack size bowl of nuts, these bowls feel like they were made to rest in the palm of your hand.

  • 6.75” Diameter, 1.25” Height
  • 9 oz. capacity
  • microwave / dishwasher safe
  • hand sanded to ensure smooth bottoms and edges

Available in the following glaze combinations (inside/ outside):

  • Moonshadow / White Chamois
  • Eelskin / White Chamois
  • Brown Leather Matte / Moonshadow
  • White Chamois / Moonshadow
  • Moss Green / Brown Leather Matte
  • (no longer available in Deerskin)

(for more info click the Glaze Chart tab (to your right) or for a deeper dive see our GLAZE MAP page)