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As a ceramic artist, MaryMar Keenan is interested in the quiet conversation between maker, object and user. She finds her inspiration in daily ritual, the culinary experience, and the subtle effects of the presentation of food and drink. Keenan's utilitarian tableware is primarily slab, wheel thrown and hand glazed. Her artisan approach honors the tradition and importance of the vessel, utilizing simple designs and inviting forms. Her passion for ceramics is driven by its usability and grounded by her organic esthetic. Keenan's work reinforces the natural beauty of the food and the hands that use them. She builds upon the maker, chef, server and customer relationship. With a career spanning two decades, she has evolved from student, teacher, gallery owner and e-commerce entrepreneur, into an established maker and owner of MMclay ceramics studio in San Francisco, CA. “Plating food can be an art form,” says Keenan, “and my work is meant to be the canvas.” Her collaborations with chefs and private clients has led to her work being showcased in several restaurants, curated stores and private homes internationally. For more information, collaboration opportunities, wholesale and more, email me today!


MMclay is a handmade tableware business run by local ceramic artist and designer, MaryMar Keenan, in her Hayes Valley studio in San Francisco. In 2014, she designed and produced a collection of work for Stuart Brioza's (James Beard Award Winner Best Chef: West) venture, The Progress. From this collaboration, The Progress Collection was developed, and has been featured in Food and Wine Magazine, Remodelista, Saveur, San Francisco Magazine, DuJour and several others publications. MaryMar has also produced tableware for an array of other top-tier and Michelin-star-rated restaurants in the Bay Area and other cities in the U.S. and abroad (65+ restaurants!),


Clay Wrangler: glaze mixer, slab roller, clay wedger, kiln loader, studio sparkler, pot perfectionist, wheel thrower, handle handler, glazey glazer